since 1996About Minute and Second© 2012 MINUTE AND SECOND INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD.Minute And Second, established in 1996, is the only company in Malaysia specializing in the clock industry. Minute And Second offers the market a comprehensive range of middle and high performance time equipment designed to meet individual application, for the public and for the most stringent demands for accuracy in communication system. With a long track records of different installation and with the record breaking of the biggest clock in Malaysia and the second largest in the world, coupled with key personnel who have collective years of experience and formally trained by renowned clock manufacturer in Switzerland, Belgium and Germany, Minute And Second will ensures you get the perfect timing system with the latest technology for your requirement.Professionalism, the keynote in our commitment to our customer as to excel as a renowned total project solution company in providing designing services to maintenance works to all projects related to time.We are a member of British Horological Institute, a renowned horological institute in the world.All our key personnel have collective years of experience and attended regularly training in Switzerland to keep up with new clock’s technologies.